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Second Race: Open MAIDEN race, 12st
For horses that have a registered Hunters certificate issued by any Hunt affiliated to the NNPA. 

Carrs Billington Fuels

We're delighted to have Carrs Billington Fuels on board again for 2019.

Race sponsor Carrs Billington Fuels, have a very friendly customer service team, advising on all domestic fuel requirements. And for rural areas. their drivers have experience delivering central heating oil in harder to reach properties, using mini tankers. Their wide network of depots, including Hexham, allows Carrs Billington Fuels to distribute heating oil quickly and efficiently to households throughout the region.

Services include:
🔹Agricultural Fuel
🔹Anaerobic Digester Oil Supply & Analysis
🔹Commercial Fuel
🔹Fuel Cards
🔹Home Heating Oil
🔹Oil Tank Storage Regulations
🔹Payment Options
🔹Fuel Tanks
or call their fuels service team on 01228534342.

Agricultural and Rural Supplies

Carrs Billington Fuels .jpg
Carrs fuels logo.png
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