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Shaw & Co. Solicitors

Shaw and Co Solicitors UK are a client focused, results driven personal injury law firm, with many years of legal experience and a strong breadth of knowledge, in the practise of personal injury law. The team of personal injury lawyers, at Shaw and Co Solicitors UK, work with a team of senior personal injury experts, who each have significant expertise and experience in the field of personal injury litigation and accident compensation claims.

Leading the team of personal injury solicitors in Newcastle upon Tyne, are Chris Shaw and Mary Ann Charles, who each have practised personal injury law for many years and have significant legal expertise and experience in many legal cases and subsequent claims for compensation, including a number of high profile personal injury claims.

Personal injury claims, relating to and involving horse riding accidents and equestrian legal contracts are dealt with, at Shaw and Co Solicitors UK, by one of the UK's leading Equestrian Law experts, Mary Ann Charles. 


Personal Accident claims

Dog bite

Workplace accident 

Horse Accident

Medical negligence 

Slip and Accident

Asbestos accident 

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At Shaw and Co Solicitors we are well equipped to advise you on matters of liability and your responsibilities as a horse owner. We understand the various challenges horse owners face and our Senior Partners are enthusiastic horse owners and riders themselves.


We are happy to advise on any equine related legal issues that you have and the initial consultation is free.

Those involved with horses know horse riding is classed as a dangerous sport and that on occasion serious accidents sadly do happen. In worst cases, horses, by their very behaviour, can inflict fatal or catastrophic injuries.

The law relating to liability for accidents caused by horses is complex, but in general the courts may hold owners or keepers of the horses responsible for any injury or damage that their horses cause.


There are a few things that you should do to protect yourself:

* Be aware of your responibilities and the risks that accept as a horse owner.

* Ensure that, if you employ people to handle horses, there is a safe system of work operated and that they are adequately supervised, trained, equipped and instructed.

* Always take out adequate Public Liability Insurance cover to proctect your position as a horse owner.

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